Nina Guo
Nina Guo sings notated and improvised music. Elements of theater, radio and humor tend to prevail in her work. Current projects include Departure Duo with contrabassist Edward Kass, Nina&Augustė with Auguste Vickunaitė on reel-to-reel tape machines, and The Entertainment on Berlin's Cashmere Radio. When she isn't experimenting with her instrument and learning music, she reads essays, listens in parks, and eats bread. She can be found in the digital sphere at
my foreign tongue is made of five small pieces. They are five attempts and five failures at verbal clarity, a corrupted signal for comprehension. They are five glances into memories of languages that I never fully learned. These sounds are borrowed, blurred, imperfect, and foreign. They are recitation by rote, repetition as a toy, and learning by ear.

I am interested in continuous attempts (despite sure failure) as a means to get my voice away from myself.

Thank you for listening.