Marta Forsberg
Oscillating Life
Marta Forsberg is a Swedish-Polish composer, sound artist and musician working in the field of installation art and electronic music. Her practice spans across sounds design, composition for ensembles, music for dance, sound and light installations, as well as working in different artistic research projects. Forsberg's work has been performed at festivals and concerts in Sweden, Germany, Italy, Japan, Denmark, England, China, Malaysia, Thailand or Poland. She has a BA in Electroacoustic Composition from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm and has also studied composition at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw.
Oscillating Life

Ive been working with a library of sounds collected by scientists researching insect pests. Modern insect detection and control technology makes use of the subtle signals used by these insects to communicate with each other. This library contains sounds of insects moving, feeding, calling, interacting and flying. Ive decided to focus on the selection of wing vibration sounds recorded in insect communication studies.

In this piece one can hear the calling songs of the Anastrepha suspensa, known as the Caribbean fruit fly. This fly is a pest species and has negative agricultural and economic impacts. When making its calling sound it creates short melodic pulsating buzzing sounds. Then there is the beautiful drony buzzing of the Bactrocera tryoni, commonly known as the Queensland fruit fly. It creates a very slow rhythmic beat and is one of my favourite sounds in this collection. The Queensland fruit fly are responsible for an estimated $28.5 million a year in damage to Australian crops and are the most costly horticultural pest in Australia.

One can also hear the intense pulsating buzzing courtship song by the Ceratitis capitata, commonly known as the Mediterranean fruit fly, considered to be one of the most destructive fruit pests in the world.

These insects are thoroughly studied and research because of their negative impact on agriculture and interference with human activity. This sound library exists only because these insects are considered economically important pests. To understand their behaviour and language is crucial in creating new pesticide and tools used in pest control by the food industry.

Songs by Calling Wings is a choir piece using the beautiful voices of these insects. Link to sound library

1. Bactrocera tryoni – Призывная песнь I

2. Cotesia marginiventris – Призывная песнь II

3. Aedes albopictus – В полете I

4. Aedes taeniorhynchus – Рой

5. Ceratitis capitata – Песнь ухаживания

6. Aedes albopictus – В полете II

7. Anastrepha suspensa – Призывная песнь III

8. Plodia interpunctella – Стимуляция феромонов