Nikolay Karatayev
From the age of 12 he began to get involved in music, listened to different things, began to play the guitar and sing. I love poetry, I write and compose music. In his youth, he managed to play in two or three no-name groups. While studying at the university, he was a vocalist and guitarist in the musical group Tireddd ("Tired"). The activity of the group lasted from 2015 to 2017. The music style is lo-fi, electronic, experimental, psychedelic, shoegaze. They performed in the cities of St. Petersburg and Yakutsk.


I live in Yakutsk, and people say: "How can you live like this?", life is hard here, that the climate is terrible here, summers are hot, summer smog from fires has been added to it, and winters are so cold that it's like in the street freezer, and all life in this frost is doomed to death or sleep. Now people say that life here is like survival. In winter, the craving for life and the struggle with death are seen in the example of stray dogs. They reach out to each other, bask, survive, sometimes even eating each other. But even if it is cold here, nevertheless, for me it is the warmest city. He warms me with his warmth. This is where I was born. Why is that? The answer lies in memory. After all, isn't life everywhere easy? Most of my memories are connected with this city. And so everyone, no matter where we are born, always has a memory of where we are from, however, we are moving forward, but memory determines how we will meet this future. After all, without knowing the past, it is impossible to stay in the present. We are memory. However, although it can be difficult at times, the main thing is not to get stuck in the past and strive to move.


The project presents compositions written in the process of directed remembrance.

1. Remembrance
2. Warmth
3. Memory
4. Movement

After all, memory is temporary.
All this is temporary.
We are here temporarily.
But something still remains.