Gordey Efimov
Yys bydaan
Gordei Yefimov is a Yakut musician and sound artist, a member of the label Yunost Severa (Youth of the North): a guitarist and vocalist in the group "CS" and the solo project "Spit". In his work Yefimov uses guitar, bass guitar, synthesiser-sampler, sampler, voice recorder, tape recorder and drum machines. His unconscious sympathy for ambient and drone began in early childhood, when in winter, shrouded in fog and wild frosts, he went outside and heard the sounds of the streets and forests, distorted by low temperatures. Everything seemed to be under the effect of reverberation and echo: the distant voices of people, passing cars, the sound of the city, the rustling and the swaying of trees were deposited deep down in Yefimov's thinking and perception of the world. Years into the future, the echoes of such past experiences have had a great influence on the musician's current work.
sound improvisation
Yys bydaan
20 minutes 4 parts
heavy fogs and low temperatures.

A dialogue of man with nature and external factors. The archaic sensations felt while out on a foggy night. The open feelings of a human being in extremis, verging on the instinctive, and the experience gained from the quiet and humble state one arrives at when faced with the power of the cold.

Part 1 (00:00)
The stirring of intuitive images that are invoked in a dialogue with nature.

Part 2 (05:22)
Internal conflict and dissonance of perception arising from the expansion of internal boundaries into the infinite.

Part 3 (12:45)
The humbling and denotation of oneself and one's thoughts. Immersion in a meditative state, flowing into a sense of peace.

Part 4 (18:00)
Static external factors that are independent of internal perception.