Elina Bolshenkova
«Melting With Theby Voice»
Elina Bolshenkova is a musician and artist who works with sound, voice, moving image, animation. Animation and Illustration graduate of HSE Art and Design School, co-curator of Radio Fantasia, a community radio based at the "Typography" Centre in Krasnodar.
Forming the basis of the sound video Melting by Voice is footage from open sources that records the process of a glacier melting. The found footage was given a new sound track, exclusively comprising voice recordings and effects for processing the audio signal (signal delay, reverberation, and echo).

Detachedly documented on video, the natural process turns out to be devoid of natural sound — the voice replaces and imitates it, revealing the human presence. The reproducing of the video's audio part becomes an act of reassembling the cause-and-effect relationships between sound and the object producing it, in which voice is implicitly endowed with human agency. Voice = action.

Listening with headphones is recommended.