Creative group Archetype
The performance «Sound metaphor: The Sound of Sincerity»
The "Archetype" art group The team was formed as a result of a lack of creative communication and community in the artistic environment. The format of artistic research offered the group members, first of all, an opportunity for intensive creative interchange and an interdisciplinary communicative programme. Over the 2017-2018 period, meetings were organised with archaeologists, ritual practitioners, experts on funerary rites and the cult of death, historians, specialists in the study of the olonkho epic, theatre workers, and museum specialists. The fundamental idea of the project was to study those archetypal images that, as a product of the collective unconscious, underlie creative thinking and the artistic product in general, and in particular those archetypes that have shaped the subject and poetic canvas of the olonkho epic throughout the history of the Sakha people. The main question the author asked himself was that of how the olonkho came to be and how it was transformed by storytellers, passed on from one mouth to another, before its literary systematisation at the hands of Oyunsky. The folklore material collected, processed and clothed in literary form by Platon Oyunsky consisted of thousands of the most bizarre images born from the fears of our ancestors and their attempts to comprehend the world around them. The authors were faced with the task of starting as much as possible from the classical perception of the olonkho, as disseminated through the literary work Nyurgun Bootur the Swift, the canonical visualisation of its subject and characters as illustrated by Vladimir Karamzin, Ellei Sivtsev and Timofei Stepanov, to create a myth-project, articulated in archetypal symbols and psychological immersion in the consciousness of the generations that had created the epic. In the process of seeking out and isolating specific archetypal images from the abstract concept of the archaic worldview, the authors attempted to trace the process of myth formation as the only possible way for our ancestors to model the world and their self-identify. As the project development, each author tried out the role of storyteller-olonkhosut for themselves, translating or creating their own myth, transforming their creative process into myth-making, positioning their art as a means of self-identification and reflection, operating with the same archetypal motifs and images taken from the depths of the collective memory, and exploring those cultural strata that hailed from periods when people, without identifying themselves with a particular nation or ethnic group, formed part of a common...
The performance "Sound metaphor: The Sound of Sincerity" by the creative group Archetype (Arkhetip) is associated with the practice of sound-based meditation-concentration followed by the bearers of the sacred knowledge of the Yakut people – the Olonkhosut (storyteller) and Algyschyt (White Shaman).

The sound-focussed practice of concentration or Dorǧoon tahaary is a practice that helps one tune in to the process of turukka kiirii – entering into the desired rhythm, the state necessary for the ritual of chanting or performing a blessing.

For the Archetype group, the study of symbols and images from traditional culture is connected with the study of the Olonkho epic.

Over the five-year duration of the project, each author tried on the role of olonkhosut-storyteller, translating or creating their own myth, transforming their creative process into myth-making, positioning their art as a means of self-identification and reflection, and operating with archetypal motifs and images taken from the depths of collective memory.

During the performance, a sound wave passes through all of us, created by each individually and all together. Everyone first directs the energy of this sound deep into their being and then, giving the sound the form of words, transforms it into a story about themselves.

When talking about ourselves, each of us also talks about the process of creating the world. In the Olonkho epic, our world, starting from the void, survives the fiery battle of all the forces of nature, and only then does the fire calm down and begin to warm the world, filling it with life.

The Archetype Group
Cameraman, editing director and sound engineer – Alexei Abramov
Ustinia Prokopyeva
Emptiness (Pustota)

You, if you are forgotten like a dream,
Like a journey along the way
Go live in the wilderness of the night
In minds shut fast to love
Known only to the wind.

You, if you are a grain of sand,
That rushes about in the wind.
Wandering in an endless twilight dream.

You are not free to live
You are dust, an empty place
It's flattering for you to think
And what sadness it is, with tragedy in the soul.
Do you have a soul?
The soul has no place.
When you are dust
You are free only to drift
With neither flesh nor torment.

You are beyond the measure of comic passion
Human relief,
Amid verbal confessions,
All this is irrelevant.

No thought, no suffering, no love.
The sun alone is the eternal nothing.

Nadezhda Komissarova

According to Yakut beliefs, plants, trees and birds all possessed souls. In the World Tree lives the ichchi (spirit) of the Middle World – Aan Alakhchyn Khotun. When spring comes, Aan Alakhchyn comes out of the tree – and then plants blossom, trees sprout foliage, grass grows, birds fly back from the south, summer comes. Spirits accompany the earthly life of a human being, as the guardians of his or her welfare.
Ленд-арт проект Биhик (Колыбель).2019 г.
Перформанс-обряд благодарности дождю (элементы) на речке Кэнгкэмэ. Лето 2021 г.
Ленд-арт проект Биhик (Колыбель). Фрагмент. 2019 г.
Ленд-арт объект Ийэ кыыл (Мать природа) в местности угольного карьера Кангалассы. 2020 г.
Lyudmila Fyodorova

Long ago in my childhood, I loved to watch the fire in the stove. When my grandmother saw this, she told me it is said that you shouldn't look at the fire for too long, otherwise the spirit of fire would take you away. But grandfather, on the contrary, did let me watch and communicate with the fire. He believed in and worshiped the spirit of fire. He always advised me that, wherever a Sakha person might find themself, they must always feed and honour the fire, because it is our keeper, protecting us from all troubles and misfortunes. And now, in my adult life, my vocation means that I work with fire every day, I encounter it all the time. And it does seem to be protecting me; it is very alive, we talk together, in intercommunication
Инсталляция Абстракция природы Надежды Комиссаровой. Выставка Первообразы Олонхо 2021 г.
Александра Неустроева-Suorat. Монтаж объекта на фестивале IcemanFest 2020 г.
Alexandra Neustroyeva Suorat

I dream of having a daughter, I really want to sit like this someday and plait her hair. In the old days, our ancestors believed that when a child was born in the house, the goddess Aiyyhyt came down from heaven in the form of a sacred white mare. She was greeted with joy, and she gave her blessing to the newborn. Then, after three days, the ceremony of seeing off Aiyyhyt was held. My older sister Tuyaara told me about how she'd participated in such a ritual during her studies, she was an actress. In this rite, women let their hair down and everyone laughs together, and whoever has the loudest laugh will soon have a child. A gift from the goddess Aiyyhyt. And so my sister laughed louder than anyone else at that ceremony, and soon afterwards gave birth to a daughter. It's part of our culture, our reality.

Yelena Vasilyeva

They say that the appearance of our world was preceded by a battle between all the forces of nature, fighting for the right to be part of it.

My Mama often recalls how I fought for my life for seven days when I was born.

I think that you go through conflict all your life and that this, primarily, is a struggle with yourself.

My internal struggle never stops, day or night.

Sometimes I think that the main battles are still ahead, or that maybe all life is a battle...